I was 10 years old when I first realized I had in me a story, and I had to find a means to tell it. I hopped on the family desktop, opened up Word ‘97, and got to writing.

Hell if I can remember what I wrote, but once I had, I knew that storytelling, that creating worlds and characters and plots to weave them all together, was officially My Thing™. I’ve been writing for over 20 years now, from novels and short stories to video games and Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. I’ve three novels on the market, with a fourth currently seeking publication, and I’ve experience working for game studios and indie developers. My strongest suits are world-building vast and intricate settings, writing strong, natural dialogue, and realistically weaving real world social issues into fantasy settings.




My debut work as an author, with three novels published in the series as of now.

Dreambound is a science-fiction & fantasy series, taking place primarily within the virtual world of an online game. An epic, yet lighthearted adventure, it tells the story of Jesse Pinero, art school student and amateur streamer, in his quest to escape the game and return to the real world, all while dealing with the uncomfortable female body his roommate (sort of) conned him into playing as.

When setting out to write Dreambound, my goal first and foremost was to tell a story about dysphoria. Mostly gender, but also other forms that might come about through advanced technology. Being a trans woman, it’s a personal subject, one I that I felt wasn’t spoken about enough in genre fiction, or at least wasn’t spoken about in a proper manner. I also, being both a lifelong gamer and lover of science fiction, wanted to write a story that encompassed both.

Your Royal Gayness

Lizard Hazard Games’s debut title; I was brought on to the team to help create and expand the world and characters of the game, and as a native English speaker to help edit. In it, you play Prince Amir, the closeted gay heir to a kingdom where homosexuality is outlawed. While your parents are on vacation, Amir is left to manage the kingdom, hopefully changing policy to allow him to marry who he wants, as opposed to the endless princesses knocking at his door looking for a suitor.

The game has gone on to receive critical acclaim on Steam and, with many reviewers praising the characters and lore.